Dr. Ting Wang, A Leader of Asian Plastic Surgery

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About Dr.Ting Wang

Dr. Ting Wang, M.D. & M.S. focus on Asian rhinoplasty

Dr.Ting Wang in 2011

At 29th & 31st Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium

In Operation Room, 2009

 "Dallas Rhinoplasty" 2nd Edition Chinese Version

translated by Dr Li Zhanqian, Dr Niu Yonggan and Dr Wang Ting et al, 2009

 Trained by Dr. Dong Hak Jung, King of Asian Rhinoplasty, in Seoul Korea 2009, 2011


Visiting of famous Dr. Ronald Gruber's Rhinoplasty Surgery Clinic in 2009 & 2014

Accept Certification from Assistant Prof. & Dr. Josh Korman(Stanford/Cornell), at San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, California, USA

With Top Asian Breast Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Nagumo(Tokyo, Left 1st) and Dr Chang DL from Taipei Veteran Hospital in 2006

Dr.Ting Wang, graduated from School of Medicine, China Medical University in 1997; trained at Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium with rhinoplasty skill lab training, Beijing Plastic Surgery Hospital, All Armed Forces Aesthetic Surgery Training Center-Huangsi Hospital, Dr. Dong Hak Jung's Rhinoplasty Clinic in Seoul Korea and Shanghai Conbio Huang-Pu Aesthetic Surgery Hospital. Dr. Wang operated numerous success aesthetic procedures for celebrities, movie stars and foreign guests from Hong Kong, Malaysia, North American, Japan, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Korea, India and Russian.  He is now a senior member of Rhinoplasty Specialty Committee of China Medical Doctors Association.

In order to polish his skill, Dr. Wang visited top plastic surgeons Dr. R. Gruber, Dr. Nagumo Tokyo Plastic Surgery Hospital, Korman Plastic Surgery Center, Bay Area, CA USA.


Rhinoplasty (Rib, Ear and/or Nasal Septum Cartilage Transplantation; silicone Implant revision), Nature-shape implant breast augmentation, Ultrasonic assisted liposuction, Facelift, Lower eyelids surgery(Blepharoplasty). 

Education and Training

China Medical University Medical School 1992-1997

Dalian Maternity & Child Care Hospital Surgeon 1997-2001 

Peking Union Medical College Plastic Surgery Advance Workshop 1998 

All Armed Forces Aesthetic Surgery Hospital CME Program 1999

Dalian Medical University Basic Medical School 2001-2004

Dalian Medical University Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic 2004-2005

Dr Ting Wang's Plastic Surgery Clinic 2005-now 

Nagumo Tokyo Clinic in Breast Surgery Training, Tokyo Japan 2006 

Korman Plastic Surgery Center Training CA USA 2006, 2010

Dr. Jung Dong-Hak Simian Plastic Surgery and ENT Hospital, Seoul Korea 2007, 2009, 2011

Dr Ronald Gruber's Rhinoplasty Clinic Training CA USA 2010

Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium and Surgery Skill Lab, Dallas TX USA 2012

Qualifications and Affiliations

     Board Certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon License of Liaoning Province, Chinese Medical Association 2006

     Attending Surgeon(Middle-Class Qualification Certificate of Speciality), Ministry of Health, China 2005

     Chinese Medical Association, Member in Society of Plastic Surgery 2005

     Medical Doctor License(Surgeon), Ministry of Health, China 2000

     Qualified Medical Doctors, China 1999

Honors and Awards




Publications and Presentations



Autologous Cartilage Corrects Retracted Nasal Columellar( Part-I,Part-II,Part-III, in Chinese) by Dr Wang Ting China Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Chinese version) Nov. 2009

  "Dallas Rhinoplasty" 2nd Edition Chinese Version translated by Dr Li Zhanqian Dr Niu Yonggan and Dr Wang Ting etc, 2009

Measurement of costal cartilage during rhinoplasty in Chinese female by WANG Ting1, YANG Ming-jie1, DU Yi-nan1, GU Hong-bo1, Zhang Yu1, Liu Liang1, Qin Hong-zhi2

Inhibition of B16 Melanoma Growth in vivo by Retroviral Vector-Mediated Human Ribonuclease Inhibitor. Ting Wang, Mingjie Yang, Junxia Chen, Tonya Watkins, Xiuyun Cui. Angiogenesis 2005 March

RI Gene Therapy on Skin Melanoma. Ting Wang,Mingjie Yang,Zhao Wang.Chinese Journal of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, June 2006