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Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018-Day 3

Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium-Day 3
Anatomy Seminar

Dr.Wang Ting(L),Dr.Liu Wei(M),Dr.Wang Deng Yan(R)at
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The anatomy class was amazing.Every four people were given an anatomy specimen,and the specimens were very fresh and clean, without any odor.The arrangement of the course was appreciable,the explanation process was very professional and meticulous,every group had a professional teacher to assist and guide in the operation.A group of teachers demonstrated the anatomy and step-by-step surgical procedures at the center of the hall which was presented live on a big screen for everyone to watch conveniently.

Dr.Wang Deng Yan(L) and Dr.Wang Ting(R) attending the Anatomy seminar
Teaching content was wonderful and practical,which included facial anatomy,the distribution of vascular nerves and surrounding structures.The surgical procedures were explained in detail with hands-on teaching experience.Especially in the Rhinoplasty section,they demonstrated new approaches and techniques in the field.

Dr.Liu Wei(R)interacting with a foreign doctor at the Anatomy seminar
I was impressed by the osteotomy lecture which emphasized on the nasal bone structure of the Europeans and Americans,which is high and thin and is relatively easy to operate.In such cases the effect of osteotomy narrowing is also very accurate and obvious.On contrast the nasal bone structure of Asians is short and thick,if it is very wide,the effect of osteotomy is not as obvious and accurate as the Europeans and Americans.These are the ethnic differences that require flexible differentiation and application in clinical use.
Mediwell doctors with Dr.Nilay Shah.MD(in red)
Dr.Nilay Shah,MD from the Mount Sinai Clinic in New York,gave lectures on facial and nasal anatomy.I was impressed by his theoretical and surgical skills.