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Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018-Day 2

The Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018-Day 2
General Assembly

(From L-R)Dr.Liu Wei,Dr.Rod J.Rohrich(President of the Symposium),Dr.Wang Ting,Dr.Wang Deng Yan
The second day was the General Assembly of Rhinoplasty,the most important part of the conference.
World's leading rhinoplasty experts shared advanced concepts and techniques in the field of nasal surgery.

The General Assembly was set into different parts.First part involved nasal aesthetic standards and measurement methods,anatomical structure,preoperative evaluation methods, patient screening,operative details,surgical experience.The other parts had rhinoplasty repair standards,indications and surgical skills.The final part involved the prevention and treatment of complications.The most impressive part was when Dr.Rod J.Rohrich,President of the General Assembly of Rhinoplasty gave a very detailed introduction to all aspects of rhinoplasty.
Dr.Toriumi,M.D. the famous Asian American Rhinoplasty specialist at the University of Illinois,Chicago introduced the use of nasal alar grafts.

Dr.Nazim Cerkes,M.D,PhD. from Turkey, introduced the application of the Turkish fudge with the fascia wrapped in cartilage and there were many more rhinoplasty specialists at the conference who spoke on different aspects of rhinoplasty which were truly enriching and full of knowledge.

Mediwell doctors with Dr.Dean Toriumi(L)
The Open Discussion part of the conference was such an eye opener for me as rhinoplasty specialists present at the conference came up with case analysis,discussions,briefing about the surgery procedures,preoperative and postoperative instructions.What inspired me the most was that the doctors there would evaluate the postoperative effects on their patients after at least 15 months until a maximum of 15 years after surgery.
Such realistic evaluations are very inspiring.

A presentation on aesthetics of nose by a foreign doctor
Subsequently, the experts were graded according to the postoperative effects they discussed and judgement was based entirely on professional point of view.Sincere opinions were given.The hall had some the world's most famous professors discussing on the nasal subject but what I admired the most was the humble and sincere attitude of them accepting compliments,suggestions and for also being judged.
There were also occasional bursts of applause from the audience.

Dr.Liu Wei(L) with a foreign participant at the conference
Discussion and scoring by experts
This meeting, let me have a new understanding of rhinoplasty,I now have a new perspective on the concept of structural rhinoplasty,nasal anatomy and the aesthetic standards.Surgery is not an imitation but innovation and combination of different races,different aesthetic,personalized requirements, physical and anatomical reality, a comprehensive assessment of the best possible results.

To be continued...