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Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018-Day 1

The Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018-Day 1
The Dallas Rhinoplasty Conference began the day after we arrived in America.The conference began,plastic surgeons from around the world gathered together and the atmosphere in the hall was filled with enthusiasm and presentations were being displayed in front of us.Our jetlag vanished as the enthusiasm seeped into us.

Our Mediwell Doctors pose for a picture before the conference begins

This conference was divided into two parts,the first part was the Congress of Plastic Surgery.
World famous plastic surgeons within America and from around the world were invited to this conference to share some of their valuable experiences and results in their respective fields.On the other hand,Dermatologists introduced the latest and most technical laser products and the results of those products were breathtaking.Furthermore,the latest advances and techniques in the field of breast shaping and facial rejuvenation were benificial to me.

Dr.Wang Ting(L) Dr.Li Jianqiang(M) Dr.Liu Wei(R)at the conference.

Dr.Rod J Rohrich and Dr.Liu Wei at the conference

Dr.Wang Ting interacting with Dr.Hector Duran from Mexico,
an expert in body lift and buttock enhancement


A photographer at the conference

Foreign guests at the conference
The most amazing thing is that American doctors are not only specialized in scientific research and clinical application,but also have a great sense of marketing.Many doctors have their own clinics in addition to serving in large organizations.They have established a very close relationship with the product and equipment manufacturers,some even hold shares in the manufacturing units,so that they promote and use their products from scientific research and teaching, product experience, clinical application, data analysis, effect statistics and other aspects can be more complete and systematic, more close to the actual effect and customer demand.

Attendees from around the world

American doctors introducing the latest advance techniques in plastic surgery

Moreover,the United States has a strong base in economic power.Many clinics there have the world's most advanced medical equipment and products.They discussed and shared their point of view on medical and market integration,emphasizing mainly on customer care which would lead to better customer experience.
Dr.Wang Ting and Dr.Liu Wei seen interacting with the exhibitors
At this point, our domestic doctors are beginning to have the forefront of thinking. To introduce the concept of the Li Jianqiang to the Chinese professor of medicine and the dean of the King's boat in our hospital (and they are also the two Chinese translators of the "Dallas Rhinoplasty" book), during the meeting, the development prospect, development direction and technological innovation of China's nasal surgery were discussed deeply and enthusiastically in the light of the international practice and the domestic actual situation.
And how to combine effectively with the market.