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Dr.Liu Wei about Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018

Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018

Dr.Liu Wei describes his feelings about his recent trip to Dallas

The 10-day Dallas tour in the United States of America has been a splendid experience.American culture is a diverse mix of customs and traditions from nearly every region of the world.At the same time,I realized we had many things in common like the same vast territory,hardworking and pragmatic people and the immense love for rhinoplasty.In recent times,globalization has led to more co-operation and integration among countries,states and people rather than maintaing differences leading to estragement,which will reflect into making the world more progressive in the future.

I'm listing out my wonderful experiences below to share them with you.

An official invitation letter signed by the president of Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium-Dr.Rod J Rohrich

On February 26th 2018,on invitation from the president of Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium,Dr.Rod J Rohrich and Nanjing International Cultural Exchange Company,the doctors of Dalian Mediwell Cosmetic Surgery Hospital-Dr.Wang Ting,Dr.Wang Deng Yan and I, departed from Beijing to the United States of America to participate in the world renowned Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium at Dallas.This symposium has a history of 30 years and is the most influential in the field of nasal surgery.
This is Dr.Wang Ting's third time at the symposium.

Dr.Wang Ting(L) Dr.Wang Deng Yan(M) Dr.Liu Wei(R) at the symposium

Our 13 hours flight from Beijing to Dallas was very tiring though we travelled in business class.
Here to thank the Nanjing Rui Seoul Company's small bundle, Beibei, they take care of our very thoughtful, let us quickly from the journey of fatigue to ease out, throughout the participants also resolved a number of intimate problems.

NBA Cheerleaders on the court
After landing in America the first thing we encountered was jet lag,we felt disoriented and confused.It took us almost two days to adapt to the 14-hour time difference and to overcome the jet lag.In order to make us feel relaxed the organisers made a special arrangement for us to watch an NBA game live at the American Airlines Center.It was Dallas home team,the Dallas Mavericks against Oklahoma City Thunder team.It was an interesting game,the audience were too involved in the game  Nowitzki to the Thunder Three little, the competition scene atmosphere unusually hot, the climax is repeated, is amazing, various and the audience interactive link is splendid repeatedly, lets the person be impressive. Everyone who comes to the scene is like going to a show, a festive feast, enjoying and releasing their passions and indulging in them.
 The winning and losing of the game is no longer important, but a national carnival, emotional catharsis, as the NBA advertising language said:
“I love this game”。
NBA match scenes
An enthusiastic NBA fan
Dr.Wang Ting(L) and Dr.Liu Wei(R) with a Dallas Mavericks' fan

Mediwell Doctors at the American Airlines Center to watch Dallas Mavericks' match

Dallas Mavericks plays its home games at the American Airlines Center

To be continued...