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Dr.Wang Ting about Dallas Rhinoplasty

Dr.Wang Ting about Dallas Rhinoplasty

Advanced Rhinoplasty is also known as Dallas Rhinoplasty due to Dr.Jack P.Gunter.

In the 1980's, Dr.Gunter realised that his passion was performing Rhinoplasty.This started his journey to become one of the World's Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons that ever lived.To promote Open Rhinoplasty,in 1984,Dr.Jack P.Gunter,who was a professor at Dallas Southwestern Medical Center at the University of Texas,founded the Dallas Rhinoplasty Forum which is held in March every year.World's leading Rhinoplasty Specialists are invited to this forum every year to teach nasal shaping techniques and to share the latest rhinoplasty innovations with doctors from around the world.
Dr.Gunter demanded excellence from the faculty and that raised the quality of the forum.

Dr.Wang Ting with Dr.Jack P.Gunter(R) and Dr.Nazim Cerkes(L)

The Dallas Southwestern Medical Center at the University of Texas is one of the leading medical schools in the United States of America, with 6 Nobel Laureates and a large number of fellow members of the American Medical Association.Dr.Gunter was the director of Plastic Surgery at the Southwestern Medical Center,editor of the world renowned journal of Plastic Surgery PRS-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and a pioneer in open nose surgery theory.He created a technical standard for rhinoplasty, which is being widely used by rhinoplasty surgeons around the world.He contributed to the art and science of Rhinoplasty Surgery for more than 35years.After an extraordinarily successful career in surgery Dr.Gunter retired in June,2014.

The two editors of the journal PRS-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Dr.Rod J.Rohrich(L) and Dr.Jack P.Gunter(R)

Dr.Jack P. Gunter, internationally renowned plastic surgeon who was also a prolific author, lecturer and innovator, passed away on July 11, 2017,at the age of 79.The world has lost a great personality in the field of Rhinoplasty.Dr.Gunter was the founder of Open Rhinoplasty and the Dallas Rhinoplasty Forum and he has also written an exceptionally comprehensive book "Dallas Rhinoplasty" Dr.Gunter has made an outstanding contribution to the world of nasal surgery.This year,at the 35th session of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Forum,every speech was a tribute to him,everyone shared their memories of Dr.Gunter.He is not only a master of rhinoplasty but had great interest in music,golf and other outdoor sports.His gentle and charming personality was deeply loved by all.He not only gave medical lectures but also taught life lessons about one's attitute towards life and principles of life and people admired him for what he did.
He was a true philanthropist.
"You were too great to be forgotten"

Dr.Rod J.Rohrich(L),Dr.Jamil Ahmad(M),Dr.Jack P.Gunter(R)

Dr.Rod J.Rohrich is an internationally known surgeon, innovative leader and educator in Plastic Surgery.He joined the Division of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas in 1986.After accepting an appointment in Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical School in 1986, Dr. Rohrich became the Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center from 1991 to 2014.Dr. Rohrich is actively involved in various organizations that promote, regulate and advance plastic surgery and resident education.He has served as the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Association of Academic Chairman of Plastic Surgery, as Director of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.Dr. Rohrich has jointly held chairmanship of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium since 1987.
Dr. Rohrich has authored numerous articles and textbooks on plastic surgery.He is Editor-in-Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,the leading and most prestigious journal in the world of plastic surgeons.
Dr. Rohrich has served enthusiastically as a charitable leader in his profession through his work with ASPS, The Rhinoplasty Society, AiRS, The Rohrich Family Foundation, and many other organizations.Throughout his career, Dr. Rohrich has been a passionate advocate for the establishment and maintenance of professional standards that assure patients of safety and satisfying results.

Dallas and Rhinoplasty Symposium

Dr.Wang Ting at the 29th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium

The Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium is designed for board-certified physicians desiring a refresher course in the anatomy and fundamentals of rhinoplasty surgery.This meeting brings together a world class faculty and includes presentations,panel discussion,live demonstrations,pre-recorded video and Q&A sessions with audience participation.As a meeting truly aligned to instruction and shared knowledge,the objectives of the meeting are to teach other plastic surgeons how to achieve safe and reproducible aesthetic results.

Topics at the 2018 Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium included state of the art technology in lasers,IPL,vaginal rejuvenation,noninvasive fat removal and skin tightening,cellulitis fixes/solutions,new hyaluronic acid fillers and advanced skin care,and ethical marketing practices around social media in medical practices.One of the most beneficial elements of this particular symposium is the outstanding anatomy lab.The Fresh Cadaver Lab is a unique experience allowing attendees hands-on participation to observe and learn new techniques directly from the experts.This is a valuable hands-on experience that uniquely provides the opportunity to learn and then apply new techniques and innovative procedures.