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Correction of Bulbous Nose

Correction of Bulbous Nose

Bulbous nose is a matter of concern compared to other nose types.It is also named “garlic nose” due to its resemblance to garlic.From an aesthetic point of view, this nose type brings a feeling of puffiness in the face and people tend to look chubby.Women especially are more concerned about this issue.

Rhinoplasty is usually performed to enhance the look of the nose in patients with bulbous nose.

XiaoXiao,a college student,had a bulbous nose naturally,her nose was disproprotionate to her other facial features which made her face look fat. She wanted to have a nasal dorsal curve,narrow the bulbous nasal tip,extend the columella as well as augmentation of nasal bridge.


Dr.Wang pointed out her nasal defects while interviewing XiaoXiao including her straight dorsal curve that lacked the wrapping rate, wide dorsum which affect the dorsal stereoscope, sunken nasal base, sharp nasolabial angel and the slightly protruding mouth.But the nasal tip is the most obvious problem on her face. According to experts analysis that there were two reasons why the shape of her nose tip was drooping and not delicate, one was due to her wide alar cartilage, the another was that her alar was too thick. Considering her facial condition, Dr.Wang decided to use her own rib cartilage and dermis to reshape her whole nose,including the bridge augmentation, dorsum narrowing, tip-plasty, nasal alar reduction, and adding the plumpness of the nasal base and so on.
Dr.Wang personally demonstrated the post operative instructions to the patient.Postoperative care following rhinoplasty is highly recommended as it plays a crucial role in recovery.

The above picture was taken 3 days post operation,she showed good signs of healing and the shape of her nose appeared better.From lateral view,the dorsal line looked natural and beautiful,together with the raised nasal tip her face looked well defined.
Rhinoplasty before and after photos

BEFORE                                                          AFTER
Her postoperative frontal view shows a well defined nasal bridge,refined nasal tip and narrowed alar base.
The ratio of nasal tip to nasal alar is in good proportion.


BEFORE                                                          AFTER
Her postoperative pictures show a natural dorsal line,a higher nasal bridge and a well raised nasal tip.Furthermore,her nasal tip appeared well sculpted and was a good match to her nasal bridge.Her lateral profile looked very appealing.She was amazed looking at her nose post operation and she felt her nose was more sleek and think and of course beautiful.She also acknowledged that her bulbous nose was gone and rhinoplasty has improved the shape of the nose.Her new nose makes her more elegant,attractive and confident.