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Bulbous nose improvement with autologous rib cartilage rhinoplasty

Bulbous nose is one of the main nose types. It is also named “garlic nose” due to the shape like a garlic. From a aesthetic point of view, the nose type brings a feeling of chubby, especially on the face of women, lacking the beauty and temperament.

XiaoXiao, a college student, had a bulbous nose by nature which made her nose out of balance with the rest of other facial features, and the whole face looks quit fat. She hoped to adjust dorsal curve, narrow the bulbous nose tip, extend the columella as well as augment nose bridge, for increasing stereoscope during the rhinoplasty. She was fond of sweet style.

Dr.Wang pointed out her nose defects while interviewing with XiaoXiao including her straight dorsal curve that lacked the wrapping rate, wide dorsum which affect the dorsal stereoscope, sunken nasal base, sharp nasolabial angel and the slightly protruding mouth.
But the nose tip, is the most obvious problem on her face. Experts analysis that there were two reasons why the shape of her nose tip was drooping and not delicate, one was due to her wide alar cartilage, the another was that her alar was too thick. 
Considering her facial condition, Dr.Wang decided to use her own rib cartilage and dermis to reshape her whole nose, including the bridge augmentation, dorsum narrowing, tip-plasty, nasal alar reduction, and adding the plumpness of the nasal base and so on.
Dr.Wang was managing her nose by himself which was a very important procedure during recovery period.

She was the 3day postoperative , her nose shape was getting better. From her lateral view, her dorsal line is beautiful and natural, together with the upturned nose tip, which made her lateral face more harmonious and nice.
Following are her before and after pictures



Her postoperative frontal view shows her bridge more defined, clear tip defining point, alar base narrowing. The relationship of nose tip and nasal alar is more proportionate.

Her postoperative right view presents natural dorsal line, higher bridge, as well as the more projection of nose tip. What is more, her nose tip defining point was getting clear, which match with her bridge. Her lateral profile is more defined and nice. 
She joked that her nose looks like being thin.it is acknowledged that her boblous nose has improved after the nose job. Now her delicate nose makes her whole person more sweet and moving with a elegant temperament.