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You are spring moon girl. Nuan Nuan-return.

"What if I told you that spring moon among the people in the world, illuminating her smile the world."

Seeing new photos of a young girl named Nuan Nuan-no make-up, could not help asking myself the question: "Can the spring moon match her beauty?"
Snow-white face-Nuan Nuan young, her charming smile, her eyes sparkling clean tear, all her beauty, can be compared only with the landscape of fishermen, with serenades moving boats on the water surface of the river, consecrated silvery light of the moon in the night, combining peace and grace.



But remember Nuan Nuan-three months ago, when she was still the most ordinary girl with the ordinary appearance. Then it is - a normal passer-by in the street, boldly entered the doors of the clinic rhinoplasty Dr. Wang Ting, for that would make himself better.
Nun-Nuan wanted to make itself operation on the reconstruction of the nose - to raise higher nose, sharpen the tip of the nose, and improve the basis of the nose, so completely transformed the middle part of her face, and correct the problem hollowness facial bones. Besides, she wanted to make a blepharoplasty (surgery to create a double eyelid), for that would visually enlarge the size of the eye.

Before the surgery, Dr. Du simulated Nuan- Nuan an after image for her easier to imagine how and how much it has changed. After the patient agreed with the model, Dr. Du recorded post-operative model in the client's medical history, which would then she has served as the instructions for the operation.
The final plan of operations was appointed as follows: total rhinoplasty + implant at the base of the nose + blepharoplasty

On the first day after surgery morale and mood Nuan- Nuan was at a high level. After breakfast, the doctor came to check post-operation state of the patient and made her a special massage nose.

During rehabilitation, nose and eyelids Nuan -Nuan every day getting closer to the ideal, under the watchful and untiring care nurses.



 On the seventh day after surgery, nose Nuan Nuan-released from the seams. Dr. Du made her last inspection, issued a conclusion that the nose of the patient has recovered sufficiently, only the tip of the nose was still not a big swelling, which was supposed to go after a couple of days and will look more natural. After hearing the explanation of Dr. Du, our heroine has ceased to worry on that score.
Let's take a look and compare the photos before and after surgery.



Three months after surgery, Nuan Nuan-admitted to us that its current appearance made her more confident that, of course, well reflected in the relationships with colleagues and her work as a whole.
Love beauty, and beauty is in your life. The meaning of this phrase is simple and truthful. Beautiful appearance pleases not only ourselves, but also it pleases and the people around us. By this, ladies, do not think that you do not deserve the best. Change yourself for the better, you change the world for the better!