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Ladies, How beautiful you could be!


There are some labels on women, including images,ages,work,nationalities and so on. One day we would feel extremely bored with the stereotyped life, the changeless models and labels which make us doubt whether we were the frags that was were sitting in the swell and were looking at the heaven. So it is necessary for us to get a magic of rebirth, then break out the old modify and experience another new life.
Dr.Wang Ting plastic surgery brought the magic to Cassie. When she was 18-years-old, the dreamlike age, she received an adult present which would even make her world and dream more wonderful and colorful, and showed her that how beautiful she could be.

Actually Cassie has had her nose done before with Goretex for nasal bridge and ear cartilage for nasal tip. But she was dissatisfied with the shape of her nose after the previous surgery, because her nasal bridge was nearly not higher than what it used to be, and her tip was still meaty and round, which made her face less defined.
Her eyelids surgery was also unsuccessful which made a little eyelid fold on the corner of the eyes, and also made her eyes appear smaller. Moreover, her eyelids made her eyeliner smudge often after a making-up, which annoyed her.

The failure of surgery has made her suffer from a long-standing inferiority. “When I talk with somebody without looking them up, I maybe be considered a impolite girl. It is not true. The fact is that I did not dare to do that in case they could see my facial defects, which made me feel I was so ugly.” We were incredibly touched by the words from the young girl. We hope we can try our best to give her a more happier world.
After the examination, Dr Wang had pointed out Cassie’s face problems with her flat face and her low bridge. Besides, he added that there were other aesthetic defects existing on her face,such as the nasolabial angel, wide dorsum, dropped nasal tip, protruding mouth, short chin, flat forehead and poor-defined profile. 
To get a dramatic change, Dr Wang and Cassie agreed to do rhinoplasty with autologous rib cartilage and a eyelid revision surgery with opening canthus art to enlarge her eyes. In addition, the option also includes chin augmentation with silicone and eyebrow, temples and glabella augmentation with autologous fat in order to develop the overall face in general.
It has been 3 days since her surgery when Cassie’s face was at the peak of swelling. However, she said she did not care the “pig head” at all, Instead, she was much more excited in the final recovery. From the pictures above,we can find that her plump forehead and pointed nasal tip have appeared. What is more, the nasal bridge has turned higher and straighter, and the nasal tip upturned.

When Cassie got suture out on 7th day, Cassie had got an obvious change. She had a better relationship between the nose and chin. The deeper eyelid folds and increased eye fissure, coupled with the combined eyebrow and nose augmentation resulted in a slightly in orbital visual effect, which made her a bit exotic.

Before Cassie left our clinic,the assistant YU carefully told her about the nasal massage and nursing. Here are the pictures proved by her after one month. In order to be checked about her nursing work by YU, she was tapping in the picture. 

We are so happy for Casses’s changes. If possible , women can be divided into two types, some of whom can see their future lives with a glance, while others who are living in the top layer of the society take action for being more beautiful. Therefore, women should believe that there is no best, only better, then change and exclaim that how beautiful we can be.