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The girl from Yunnan for revision rhinoplasty

Today we met Yinger who was our first guest from Yunnan.Seeing her,we quickly associated with the Yunnan pretty scenes.Besides,she had unique and elegant quality along with the smooth skin,which only could be brought up from there.

From her words, we learned that young as she was, she had already her nose done more than once before. Worrying that we could not believe it, she slightly raised her head so that we could see the scar on her nasal columella where her scar contracture was really serious, which confirmed the cut of knife the girl’s nose had suffered from. 
Yinger had experienced the failure of plastic surgery after all, so she took much more time to choose a better plastic surgeon this time.Not until she  accidentally saw the clinical cases done by Dr.Wang, the effect of which was she wanted and noticed the official website, did Yinger believe that Dr.Wang could reverse the mess of her nose.Finally she decided to fly to Dalian from Yunnan. 


From the pictures above, we can see her serious hyperplastic tissues 



After the interview, Dr. Wang found that her previous surgery incisions were all on the nasal base so that hyperplastic tissues were serious. Since the nasal graft occurred movement and the support force of nasal columella was not strong enough, her septum was a bit deviated, the nostrils were asymmetrical, the nasal columella was contracted and the mouth was protruding
In addition, because of her flat temporal part Yinger appeared an excessive emaciated face and looked older. What’s more, his jaw was not plump enough by nature, lacking of the appropriate curled degree and length. Especially when her nose got higher and longer after last nose job, it will make her jaw look shorter. In this case, it will seriously affect the proportion of her face.

The preoperative photos above were provided by Yinger. Focused on her facial issues, Dr. Wang, together with Yinger, worked out the surgery procedure for her,including the tip-plasty, bridge augmentation by herself costal cartilage, columella extension, nasal base augmentation, nasal alar reduction and so on.
Moreover, Dr. Wang suggested an apple muscle augmentation and the jaw extension by transferring the autologous fat from thigh to temples and jaw,  achieving a better the facial balance and the sweeter smile and younger face.




Here are her before and after photos, has she changed a lot?
When Yinger discharged from our clinic, she told us she really loved here where she not only stop the endless revision,but realize her desire for a delicate nose.
Recalling her experiences of rhinoplasty, Yinger paid a vast amount of time and money.‘I am deeply regretful, I had spent two years’ savings for the failed surgery which have left the shadow in my heart. Afterward, I even did not dare to meet friends. If I had chosen carefully from the beginning, I would have come to our aesthetic plastic institution, how much pain I can avoid from!’

‘Eliminate your troubles and satisfy your needs’, which is the motive for us to do our best. You  happy, we happy. Finally, we say goodbye to the lovely girl, we hope you are keeping your charm and elegance everyday, just like the camellia from Yunnan.