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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is most commonly an outpatient procedure performed either under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. It takes place in an office-based surgical suite, a free-standing ambulatory or a hospital surgical facility. An overnight hospital stay is occassionally recommended.

     33 years old lady with round silicon implants both 200ml, 7th days after surgery




Is silicon implant safe?

Yes, after 15 years clinical investigation, FDA annouced the safty of silicon implant. . And you will find more information on the silicon implant website by Inamed Mcqhan www.breastimplantstoday.com 

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rendered pre-market approval for two specific silicone-gel-filled breast implants by Inamed and Mentor in 2005, though there is no disapproval from State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of China since ever.

Silicone may feel somewhat more like natural breast tissue, but that doesn't mean silicone implants are the right choice for every woman. If you are happy with your appearance and there is no other reason for implant replacement, you should wait. However, if you are looking for a change in size or shape, if your implants no longer match your body image or if you are experiencing any condition that warrants replacement, you should consult with us.

CE Certification
ISO9001 Certification
China State FDA Certification

What does silicon implant looks like?

Inamed McGhan silicon implant
Inamed McGhan's new products
Silicone Filled Breast Implants  
 Style 110 A BIOCELL® textured round silicone gel-filled implant with a moderate profile.

Style 115 A BIOCELL® textured round silicone gel-filled implant with a high profile.

Mentor silicon implant
Mentor's new products
Round Breast Implants Shaped Breast Implants

Place for implant

Subpectoral/submuscular breast implant

Subglandular breast implant

middle-ago lady sagged breast 10 day post-operation 200cc subglandular implant

Our feature

  1. Visible procedure Endoscopic imaging system/ procedure recordable.
  2. Safe Time proved top implant.
  3. Full contour serie Allergen Inamed Style 410 with 12 different project, height or width.
  4. SoftSilicon nature shape implant offer more natural touch.
  5. SatisfactionAccording to report of ASAPS:97% of the breast implant patients feel satisfaction with the result.

Shape of implant

Different people, different shape

  • Round with high/moderat projection
  • Tear droping/Anatomic/Natural shape

Inamed McGhan 410 style

choice after caculation base on your body feature

Size decision

How big to go is not an easy decision. The choice of size and placement of a breast implant is determined by the size and width of the patient's natural breasts as well as the thickness of her skin and fat on the upper chest. And don't just think in cup size; think about the overall size of your body. Breast implant sizes are measured in cubic centimeters (ccs). The size of the implant along with its placement and your own breast tissue will determine your final size.

One way to test-drive breast implant size is to buy the bra size you would like to be, stuff it, and live with it for a few days. Bring the bra with you when consulting with your plastic surgeon, and place breast implants in the bra to better determine your desired implant size. Placing a breast implant inside a bra and then putting on a camisole is an easy way for you to appreciate the change in size and whether it is proportionate to your body.

Here is a simple formulation for North Chinese women breast evaluation

  • Bra Size (in centimeter)÷height (in centimeter)<0.49  small
  • Bra Size (in centimeter)÷height (in centimeter)=(0.5-0.53)  normal
  • Bra Size (in centimeter)÷height (in centimeter)>0.53  good
  • Bra Size (in centimeter)÷height (in centimeter)>0.6  over-sized

Implants may be detected by the touch, whether they are placed under the muscle, or above the chest muscle and under the breast tissue. Implants can feel unnaturally firm if filled beyond the manufacturers' recommended fill volume. All implants can also ripple or wrinkle. This is not necessarily a result of time—they may just become more noticeable as swelling subsides. Therefore, many plastic surgeons place implants under the muscle when the patient has a small amount of breast tissue. That way, the implants are less palpable and less noticeable in terms of wrinkling. Not all women experience this visible side effect; it is more common with saline implants. All of these possibilities are, of course, trade-offs to achieving an enhanced breast. Implant visibility can be minimized by selecting the proper implant and placement for your body type.

Prepare for the precedure

Quit smoking for 2 weeks. Aspirin and other medication can interfere with blood clotting and will need to be discontinued up to two weeks before surgery. Be sure to stop any supplements or herbal products you take, which might interact with anesthesia medications. Make note of any allergies.


You'll wake up after your breast augmentation surgery wearing a bandage bra that was either purchased before surgery or supplied by your plastic surgeon. You'll be stiff and sore; however, alert your doctor immediately if you experience severe pain.

You should be up and walking around the day of surgery, but you will need a responsible adult to care for you and monitor your condition for at least 24 hours. Other side effects may include:

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