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The birth of the sweetest girl

There are numerous keywords for girls, such as beautiful,coquettish ,amazing, charming and so on.But we seldom use sweet.

photos before the second revision
Because the sweet girl can not only be simply beautiful,but the eyes are soaked in sweet dews,the delicate nose hanging on the moonlight face,and a little honey hidden in her dimples.What’s more,her every twinkle and smile gives people a feeling of enjoyment.Anny is one of the girls of this kind.
When Anny came this time ,our eyes were all lit up,and we were wondering where the beauty came from.If she did not introduce herself in a sweet voice,we could not recognize she was the beautiful girl Ann who had her nose done in our aesthetic plastic institution two years ago.
Aside from the visit of professional nurse BoBo ,  Ann came here for demanding a little postoperative adjustment in order to make the nose more perfect. Compared with the girl who was striving for perfection on the way of beauty, we felt deeply ashamed.
After the careful examination by Dr.wang,he thought that Ann’nose was recovering well,including the hight,the curled degree,and the shape.The only one she cared about was that the bridge of her nose wrapped a little .Although  it was not obvious,she still wanted to be corrected as a perfectionist. So Dr.wang decided to make the second revision for her nose in 6th month after the operation.
Ps  Although we would try our best to complete the operation at a time,the second postoperative adjustment can not be completely avoided,which is determined by a lot of factors,for example,since Anny had enjoyed the high bridge of the nose,she desired for a higher nose.However,the higher nose is easily deflected.

Because of the second adjustment after the operation ,it took her more than one hour.She felt well postoperatively and directly went back to her hotel for a rest.

the 7th days photos after the adjustment
These were the 7th days photos of Anny after the adjustment, which showed the deflection of the nose was improved and that the tip of nose was symmetrical harmoniously. Besides the nasal dorsal aesthetic lines were smooth and natural,and the top of nose was turned up slightly. In a word,the whole nose got better than before.
Before Anny left, she required us to take more photos for her in order to record her new appearance from here.
Ann was adept in finding out the daisy indoor as the foil, with which she took a various of posed pictures that were more beautiful than pretty flowers.In this case her charming looks took  away the brilliance of flowers .In addition, her smile can be praised with “the sweetest” which the son of Lin Zhiying, Kimmy, had called the daughter of Lixiang,Wang Shiling,in recent TV show.
Here ,we bless the sweetest girl ,Ann, happy everyday and beautful forever.