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Nasal tip-plasty & Alar reduction

Jolie, a 22-year-old girl from Dalian, had her nose bridge raised by Goretex, tip reshaped by allogenic dermis and alar reduction 5 years ago in another institution. However she wasn't satisfied with the result. 


She complained while consulting with Dr. Wang, about her visible implant trace, round nose tip and low bridge. On examination, Dr.Wang pointed out there were other aesthetic defects existing on her face, such as thick ala, wide nasal base, contracted columella, short upper lip, sharp nasolabial angle, flat forehead and poor-defined profile. 


Focused on above issues, Jolie and Dr.Wang agreed to do autologous rib cartilage rhinoplasty and transfer autologous fat to forehead, temple and glabella together.


nose tip plasty postop
Before and 7 days postop


Before and 7 days postop


alar reduction
Before and 7 days postop