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Asian rhinoplasty-Mixed blood result

Sara is a native Chinese girl. She prefers Mixed-blood appearance very much. She had her nose done before with silicone for nose bridge and nasal septum for nose tip. But the shape she desired didn't achieve. The nose tip projection was insufficient. The bridge was not high enough. Protruding mouth was still existing. 


Afterwards, she came across to Dr.Wang's website and decided to have her revision nose surgery done by Dr. Wang. Dr.Wang used her rib cartilage to reshape her whole nose, including nose bridge augmentation, tip-plasty, columella adjustment, nasal base augmentation, alar reduction etc.


As everyone knows, a Caucasian face can't be achieved by only one surgery, so does Sara. After her nose surgery, she accepted many other facial plastic surgeries. The following pictures were take one year after her nose revision surgery.



mixed blood beautyAsian rhinoplasty mixed blood result

 Rib cartilage revision rhinoplasty 1 year postop.