Dr. Ting Wang, A Leader of Asian Plastic Surgery

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Rhinoplasty Safety Consideration

Dr Wang is one of most experienced expert on both autologous tissue harvesting and side effect control during autologous rhinoplasty; He is a National Board Certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Liaoning China.


Our staff are trained intensively about patients' vital sign control and CRP. Our anesthesiologists are veterans with average 20+ years safe practicing record. Our hospital is an institution with frequent international academic exchange which helps us keeping up with the current patient's safety standards. 


The three operation rooms are equipped with UPS and modern surgery monitor system. Every recovery and observed beds are equipped with oxygen, nurse calling and life vital monintor system.


Every month, Dr. Wang & fellow staffs in Mediwell H.  safely and successfully operated dozens of patients oversea and from all over of the nation.


Besides primary and revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Wang is engaged in endo-epicanthal fold plasty, lateral epicanthal fold plasty, upper eyelid surgery(double eyelid surgery), as well as lower blepharoplasty(eyebags surgery) chin surgery  and other facial aesthetic plasic surgeries, but the final design details should based on face-to-face consultation.



3rd day postop