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Tips and preparation before surgery

What could you do to raise the safety and success rate the days before surgery?
The Days Before Surgery
7 days before:
Make sure you stop all aspirin, ibuprofen and many other pain-killers, extra Vitamin E, fish oils, and herbal remedies. These blood thinners can intefere with anesthetic drugs and cause more bleeding during surgery.
Stop all tobacco products and nicotine products. Second-hand smoke is the same as you smoking.
Stop all alcoholic beverages. It's important to get all the alcohol metabolites out of your system before anesthesia.
Takes a good rest. Don't stay up late during surgery and recovery days.
Buy groceries, including easy-to digest foods for yourself (for the first day or two), and several bags of milks to use as reusable ice bags for first 48 hours recovery.
1 day before: 
Remember: Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. You may have night-time medicines before bedtime. This is critical to minimize the risk of thowing up and choking during and after general or IV anesthesia.
Take a shower to reduce skin bacteria. Also, shave your legs and the upper pubic area where the drain(s) will exit your body in lipo surgery.
Consider prepare stool softeners to start the day after surgery if you are the problem before. 
The Morning of surgery:
Wear comfortable clothing with elastic at the waist and front zipper on the top. Running outfit or clean sweats are easy to dress you in after surgery.
If you have constipation,please take stool softener enema before bedtime. This will help empty your lower bowel and reduce painful constipation during your recovery. 
You can brush your teeth. Nurse might wash your hair with a disinfective liquid. You will also be asked to use mouthwash, rinse and spit before enter the OR.
If you are asked to take morning medicine in the surgery morning, take them with a sip of water. 
After the surgery:
Keep your head and chest elevated after surgery to reduce swelling, and to keep tension off your tummy tuck with pillows under knees.
Wear compression garment or mask for at least 2 months after mandible, cheek reduction and lipoplasty.
Avoid lift heavy items after breast surgery. Ask for help if you need to lift something heavy, especially for the first few days.
Don't handle any animal and then touch your incisions or drains for antibacterial reason.
Remember that highly motivated and excited patients have a MUCH BETTER recovery than those who are anxious or worried.