Dr. Ting Wang, A Leader of Asian Plastic Surgery

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Briefing of Dr.Ting Wang and his rhinoplasty features

Dr. Ting Wang, MD & MS, Professor, Director of Dalian Wang Ting APS Clinic
Attending Plastic Surgeon, Certified Cosmetic Surgeon by the Chinese Medical Association;
Candidate member of Rhinoplasty Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Doctor;
The Top 3 Chinese specialist in autologous cartilage rhinoplasty;
The leading Asian rhinoplasty surgeons widely using all autologous tissue;
Advocate of "The cartilage golden seven foot support theory";
Frontiers of total autologous materials rhinoplasty;
Experts of integrated application of rhinoplasty materials;
Translator of "Dallas Rhinoplasty--masters work" Chinese Version.

Dr. Ting Wang's Rhinoplasty Features:
In revision or secondary rhinoplasty, hyperplasia skin and scar tissue resulting from previous surgeries is big obstacle in better profile definition construction. Thus stronger supportive materials are needed. Generally, autologous tissues is best candidate to do so.
Ear Cartilage, nasal septal cartilage, rib cartilage is recognized as the most resistive material against infection, with lowest rate of complications.
The incision usually designs in the nostrils or lower part of nasal columella; it is almost invisible on 7th day post operation when stitches are removed. 
With qualified imported surgical sutures from the US, carefully operated by meticulous surgeon, patient's concern over the scar can be dramatically relieved.
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