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Chin and personality hint inspired by "How to Train Your Dragon"


When I watch the movie "How to Train Your Dragon", I find that the Viking's most frightening enemy "night fury" which is the very rare and the most dangerous smart dragon does look more cute and friendly than other dragons. Analysed from my occupational perspective, that might be attributed to his moderately developed chin instead of crossbite or other maxillofacial deformities.


A face with normal smooth and full chin like "night fury", gives a feeling of gentle mildness and no sense of distance.


On the contrary, those dragons with crossbite gives a feeling of fierceness and inurbanity.


Even though those dragons with crossbite makes a cute expression, also will gives a impertinent feeling.


Though these dragons are only cartoon characters, they can vividly demonstrated people's matters that is people with short chin looks like young and childish while with long and broad chin looks like fierce and rude.