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Previous Old Appearance Modified By Autologous Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty

The girl from Guangzhou has already got Goretex in her nose and just have forehead augmentation done in other clinic two weeks ago. She complains that she looks quite older than her actual age. She needs a dramatic change. In order to get favorable result, we settle on to harvest two pieces of rib cartilage.


Preoperative long nose with big and droopy nose tip combining visually fake dorsum due to Goretex graft, which are the features makes her older. 


Second day after surgery,the highest swelling periond 

Normally at this time the patients refuse to look in the mirror, not to mention taking phictures for memory, but this patient is quite brave. 


Fifth day after surgery

There are still bruises existing around nose and eyes but a better shaped nose shows.It is said by herself that every year she will make time to do plastic surgery because she think she really derive a lot benefit.



Seventh day after surgery

What's your feeling about her postop. appearance? If I say she's a little French-style, aren't you agree with me? 


Eighth day after surgery

Her swelling and bruise goes down fast. She says confidently that she will be more beautiful after make-up. Dr.Wang suggests that it's better to avoid the incision on columella while making up otherwise the heavy metal in cosmetic will influence the incision recovery.