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Male Patient Seeking “Perfect Nose”

When Mr. W, a primary rhinoplasty patient, came in and expressed his idea of having a higher, straighter and more defined nose, Dr. Wang's first answer is "it's not necessary". Because he already has had a well-developed nose and without obvious problems, such as low, flat, short, or bulbous etc. Through further exchanges, we know that he prefers stylish rather than nature. He focuses on the aesthetics in the minor details. His idea does speaks for many others, or maybe it's unacceptable to people seeking nature appearance, but we respect and appreciate the personalized and diversified aesthetic appreciation. We have to say a subtle change on the face will show a big difference of beauty or the degree of beauty. 


Preoperative analysis:

There is a slight right-leaning curve on his bridge. This happens to the people having high nose often. 

His tip defining point is round and wide.

From the side view, he also has a droopy and not projected enough nose tip.


For his case, there are three solutions

No.1: use silicone or Goretex for his bridge augmentation, ear cartilage and nasal septum cartilage for his tip work.

Though his nose bridge is high enough, we still need some implant to make up the difference in height which exists between the projected nose tip and the original bridge.


No.2: use autologous rib cartilage for his whole nose.


No.3: use donated cartilage for his whole nose which can avoid the incision on the chest but will cose higher price.


Finally, he chooses to do his surgery with self rib cartilage for his subtle and delicate nose job.  


 男生 全软骨隆鼻术后4个月 正面 大连隆鼻 王艇医生

Before and 4 months after photos

Before and 4 months after photos 

男生 全软骨隆鼻术后4个月 侧面 大连隆鼻 王艇医生

Before and 4 months after photos 


男生 全软骨隆鼻术后4个月 侧面 大连隆鼻 王艇医生

Before and 4 months after photos  


His postoperative photos from different sides, show a higher and better-shaped nose with more projected nose tip.


We have to say the surgery of his kind which focuses on the change of details is more difficult to do. It needs more specific communication to have relatively deep understand of the surgery, then we can confirm the way to go.