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Autolugous Rib Cartilage Revision Nose Job Q&A

Dear Dr. Wang

I have had silicone nose job five or six years ago. I accept nose augmentation and reduction rhinoplasty with aotologous rib cartilage 6 months ago,including septal cartilage as well. 

Now I still unsatisfied with my wide ala insufficient projected and droopy nose tip a little crooked nose large nasolabial angle etc. And I'm planning to do maxilla plasty as well because of my maxilla and teeth protrusion. I'm touched by Dr. Wang's postoperative outcomes. I regain my confidence in having a better nose. Can you give me some advices?

And Is it possible to harvest another rib from many previous incision scar and not have to make a new one,if I have to, do you also need to harvest cartilage from the ears too?

It has been 6 months post-op, when do you think is the quickest possible time do have another revision. Can i assume that piece of rib in my nose right now can be recarved.


Reply from Dr. Wang,

According to you situation, it is better to have second rhinoplasty at least 12 monthes after the last one. Your previous nose job would most likely be transcolumella incision, so we have to wait for the hyperplasia stage passing.

I think we need to use rib cartilage rather than ear cartilage to reshape your nose, due to plenty of cartilage amount to do a well defined nose. 

It is possible to havest another costal cartilage at the location of previous scar, however, there is some difficulty because of distance and scars inside.  

If have any questions, pls.,contact me again.

Dr.Tim Wang