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Primary Rhinoplasty 2 Months After Surgery


Ms. L is a primary rhinoplasty patient, and she would like to do her nose job with her own rib cartilage. Though she has had a child already, she still pursues the dream of having a tip-tilted nose which is viewed as great charm but a little bit lacking of maturity. 

Before surgery, she takes some pictures to keep a memory of her own original nose.

After communicating with Dr. Wang point to point, and expressing her thought and aesthetic opinion, they confirm the items of autologous rib cartilage nose job including nose bridge padding, nose tip extention, nose tip definition point modification, nose tip cartilage reconstruction, columella down-rotation and extention, columella padding, cartilage fascia implant, and alar base retraction. 


The seventh day after surgery

软骨隆鼻后7天拆线时 仰位 可以看到鼻孔变成立起来的水滴型。鼻小柱上的切口稍微发红,鼻头还是有些宽,随着慢慢消肿,会更小些。<br />

The seventh day after surgery and preoperative photo


Photo on suture removal day –the seventh day after surgery—shows that nostril presents an upright water drop. Incision on columella is red. The currently wide nose tip will get small with the subsidence of swelling over time. Another change is the distinctly protruded alar base and columella instead of sunken face.


On the eighth day


She is ready to go back home. Before leaving, a snap shot is taken while she is happily talking with other patients and nurses.



We find there are slight yellow bruises on the corner of her mouth from this photo.


Before and two weeks after surgery photos

自体软骨隆鼻后第2周 在家自拍 和术前侧面 对比照

Picture one


自体软骨综合鼻整形后 术后第2周和术前的侧面对比照片

Picture two

Preoperative lateral view shows a short nose, flat mid-face and protruding lower third face which presents more severe sunken mid-face by contrast.

Two weeks after surgery, the nose is wholly raised and presents a nice-looking shape and projection, and so does the mid-face. Teeth protrusion is corrected. Her face looks plumper at present but if she wants to keep this good feeling, it’s better to have a little facial fat transplantation.


Three weeks after surgery


The face definition is better than before. The bridge looks a little wide and nose tip looks round but all these will change with the swelling faded away.

自体软骨隆鼻后第3周 自拍某个角度

Ms. L earns the reputation of passion earnestness and warm heart. As an “experienced” patient, she is always ready to help and explain her feeling and experience with others in QQ group, so people jokingly called her “fairy” because of her response to every plea. 

She also shares us some funny and dramatic changes in her life after rhinoplasty, one excited her very much is that her stacks rise! In Chinese face reading, the nose is considered to be the money spot and she believes it very much. 


Two month after surgery


Before(down) and two month after surgery(up) photos

Now our "Miss Photogenic" Ms. L looks more pretty from each view and she feels more confident and optimistic.