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Premaxillary Augmentation's Downside

Dear Dr. Wang

I am interested in having pre-maxillary augmentation. Can you tell me how this is done? is the incision made in the mouth or the nose and where do you place the graft. What graft material is used. I have read that most people have problems with their smile after this procedure. is this true of your patients. Your results look great. Does it make the upper lip longer? will a liplift be required after? thanks

Hi, if you need a rhinoplasty with the premaxillary augmentation, as I usually do, the incision is through same one as rhinoplasty. No more incision in mouth.

Combined surgeies gives better aesthetic result because the premaxillary augmentation does not improve nose tip projection itself, which is supported by septum and columella struction on the other hand.

Yes, if pretty much volume is augmented, people do have problems with their smile, especially in early three months. And If upper lip is pushed down more than the quantity it is borrowed to columella, your upper lip may looks longer.

Liplift may performed with incision on mucos-skin line.