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Who do jaw surgery for me?

We provide jaw reduction and genioplasty as well as rhinoplasty. But usually not in the same day with all of them. If you want to have rhinoplasty and minor facial surgery together, we will evaluate them whether they are major surgeries. We will do major surgeries separately and sequentially in at least two days. Chin surgery may be implanting chin augmentation(minor) or cutting and moving the chin bone called sliding genioplasty(a major one) .


There is "V-line" osteotomy linked with both cheek bone surgery(major), jaw angle reduction (major) and buccal removal(minor) is 4,500 RMB(edited 2010) to make the face slender, which is firstly proposed by Korean doctors. Although we provide same procedures, we think the aesthetics aspects may not suit to every asian plastic surgery patients.



Facial contouring surgeon professor Zheng


Many patients wonder who will do the jaw and cheek surgery for them if they want to do them with rhinoplasty here. Facial surgery professor Zhen from Dalian Stomatology Hospital will perform the sliding genioplasty, cheek and jaw reduction for v-line. He is most skillful expert in the area.  http://www.dlkq.cn/index.php?c=expert&a=view&expid=772 . He has over thirty years clinic exprience in facial contouring.  But he doesn't speak much English. Dr. Wang and other assistants will help you over the consultation translation.

The costs of  the sliding genioplasty, cheek and jaw reduction for v-line will be 25,000RMB, 18,000RMB and 25,000RMB. buccal removal is 4,500 RMB in May of 2012.