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Must know Before Appointment


      Every month, a lot of English-speaking patients from all over the world visit Dr. Wang to find out how he could help them. The most common reason of visiting is to revise their previous nose surgery. Also previous surgery results include those with slant, loosen or stick-like silicone or Goretex implant. The insufficient tip projection and poorly defined nasal tip are also common reasons. 

      Dr. Ting Wang may refuse to do a surgery after consultation if your after-surgery would not make you happier with the result even you ask for it before surgery.  The reasons also includes high burden, differences with doctor on the aesthetics, over-estimated result expectation, etc.

      As many professionals will tell you there are too many factors that a surgeon can not control over the surgery. You might have to visit us again to revise or polish minor defects 3 to 6 months after your surgery here.

      Here is some important things you should know before making appointment for rhinoplasty here or ordering airplane tickets. After reading below, if you have any further doubt, don't be hesitant, gmail me. If I did not reply, send it again. Your emails are always welcome.

      We do computerized simulation only at clinic, based on face to face discussion. But we strongly encourage you send some photos of your own and someone you prefer to explain your desire. See also How to take standard photos

      Usually Dr. Wang do NOT use man-made biomedical implant or graft in nasal tip area. Allografts or homografts are much better than them. Man-made medical material as implant may not be safe enough in nose tip.

      For secondary/revision rhinoplasty patients, you may accept another revision surgery on nose at least 3 to 12 months after previous surgery no matter who did it. Only reason to do so earlier, is that the result you don't like makes your sleepless days and nights.

      First of all, you might need a visa to enter China.Click here know How to Enter China: Visa Process or Google for that.

      Hotel and Accommodation information. You should reserve a room in hotel for 8 days staying in the city. But you might be asked to stay at observation ward with nurse first over-night after surgery at clinic.

     Avoid:Patients should stop smoking two weeks before surgery and avoid vitamine C and E, unnecessary blood thinner and herbal supplyment that might change blood clotting time before arrival. Go on with your regular medication prescripted by your doctors and let us know what you are taking. Ladies should avoid surgery during in first 3 days of menstrual period and the day before it begins.

      Attentions:We offer hepatitis B and C, syphilis and HIV blood test before surgery. We might suggest you not taking surgery according to your health situation. No food six hours before and no water or any beverage 2 hours before the general anesthesia and surgery starting.

      Here is anesthesia information  

      Transpotation and lenth of stay: Most rhinoplasty patients should stay at the city for eight days. If you need an extremely high nose or you had too much previous surgeries that damaged a lot of nose blood supply,you may have to stay longer here before we let you leave safely.

      The city of Dalian is not a big aviation transport center, so you may like to transfer from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing if you flight from oversea. The nearby airport  is Dalian Zhou-shui-zi International Airport (DLC). More information is The Airport nearby Clinic

      Flight is okay immediately after suture removal. In fact it is safe for you to take flight since 5th day after surgery. But we don't do that, you should be observed and taken care of everyday during 7 days after surgery.

      One more thing, the surgery day is Day 0, not be included in so called 7 days recovery time, so in total that will be 8 days on the average.

      Patient and Dr Wang may discuss in the morning and we do the surgery afternoon if the day is scheduled for you.

      Accommodation & Observe Ward  

      Rib cartilage transplantation on Asian nose Surgery will takes four hours on average.

      Cost for your first time nose job (called primary rhinoplasty) with rib cartilage, Please refer Rhinoplasty cost

      Yes, you pay before surgery. Pay issue is here. International payment and account page.

      You don't have to prepay before you arrive, you pay after you really make decision in clinic.