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International Pay Method and Travel Tips

First of all, you should notice that you might need a visa to enter China. Information available from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_China .


Tip: You should let us know your travel information, especially the flight number before we can reserve time of consultation and surgery for you.


After face to face consultation, you pay before accepting surgery. Also if you are a students you may enjoy some discount on surgery fee. 


You are strongly suggested to switch on international roaming option for your frequently-used mobile sim card and bring it with you throughout your travel in case of  either vocal personal verification from your bank or SMS text verification by your email service provider. It is quite frequent since you are login from thousands miles away all a suddent from your home.


You may pay with:

1.Cash: Cash is our highly recommended and most reliable payment method. We accept banknotes of CNY(RMB), USD, HKD, JPY and EUR etc.  China Custom usually permits international traveller bring 10,000 USD or equal cash into China. We suggest that you bring as much as possible cash under that limitation with you in case of your cards being not accepted by ATMs or POS, which are usually under Unionpay system instead of Visa or MasterCard.


2.Sounds odd but you should remember that if a card is issued outside of China, even bearing Mastercard or Visa sign, sometimes it might not be acceptable in China by most shops or smaller restuants.


3.For traveller from Hong Kong or Macau, pay through POS machine in clinic with  'China UnionPay' signed cards may also be a good choice. Credit & Deposit Cards with logo of "UnionPay" or the sign unionpay are acceptable at our cash desk.


4.Some bank draft, cashier's, traveller or personal check from a legitimate oversea bank is acceptable. But the check deposit confirmation is often delayed as long as 4-6 weeks. Therefore, hospital is taking the risk of accidental payment refusal during the depositing processing.


5.If the upper  mentioned methods don't work, you may pay fee in USD or EUR via PayPal. Our account timsurg@gmail.com are verified by Paypal as previous Dr. Ting Wang's Plastic Surgery Clinic. Remember register and activate your Paypal account by binding card. And it is strongly suggested that you make sure it is working by trial a small amount transfer to us before your arrival in China. Paypal.com might have 1,000 USD tranfer limitation per day to user, which you probably want transfer more that, within a 24 hours period circle. The pay amount also limited by different bank policy. So before your arrival, we suggest you make sure the oversea payment terms from your side.
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6.Or you would like transfer fee in US$ directly to Dr. Wang's Citibank Checking Account No.40036**1946, in the USA (with Routing No. 321171184). Call or email us if you need the account number detail.

Name: Wang, Ting
in Cupertino, CA95014 USA
Tel in China: +86-411-62630763/ 6263-0762; +86-1389-8466-687


Also here a good page to refer for those whose travel to China for first time. http://www.dalianxpat.com/index.php/component/k2/item/1073-money-matters