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  • Tips and preparation before surgery

    Date:2017-09-12 10:12:41 Click:176

    What could you do to raise the safety and success rate the days before surgery? 7 days before: Make sure you stop all aspirin, i......

  • Contact information

    Date:2013-10-30 10:39:26 Click:1221

    Address_Telephone_Traffic_Hotel_Shopping_near Dalian Expo Center ------Google Maps link available Counseland Appointment with Dr......

  • Hotel, Observe Ward and First night after surgery

    Date:2013-05-09 07:59:24 Click:596

    Remember that at first night of surgery day, you are likely feel drowsy and stay overnight at observation ward of the clinic. Dalian Howard Johnson Parkland Hotel 2 minutes' walk away from Dr. Wang Ting's Rhinoplasty Clinic......

  • The Airport nearby Clinic

    Date:2012-03-30 21:30:13 Click:260

    Dr. Wang's Rhinoplasty Clinic is near to Dalian Zhou-shui-zi International Airport ( IATA: DLC, ICAO: ZYTL ) and provides pick-up service......

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