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  • Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018-Day 3

    Date:2018-06-08 16:12:02 Click:216

    Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium-Day 3 An impressive Anatomy Seminar Dr.Wang Ting(L),Dr.Liu Wei(M),Dr.Wang Deng Yan(R)at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center The anatomy class was fascinating,the huge anatomy of the classroom clean and bright, every four people have an anatomical specimen, and the specimens are very fresh and clean, without any odor. The arrangement of the course is reasonable, the explanation in the process is also very professional and meticulous, each of which has a pro......

  • Dr.Liu Wei about Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018

    Date:2018-05-29 09:45:08 Click:182

    DALLAS RHINOPLASTY SYMPOSIUM 2018 Dr.Liu Wei describes his feelings about his recent trip to Dallas The 10-day Dallas tour in the United States of America has been a splendid experienced. American culture is a diverse mix of customs and traditions from nearly every region of the world. At the same time , also realized that too many too many of the same, the same hard-working and pragmatic, the same vast territory, the same great powers of consciousness, and the same love for rhinoplasty, as well ......

  • Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018-Day 1

    Date:2018-05-28 12:52:16 Click:137

    Attending the Dallas Rhinoplasty Conference 2018 Part 1 The Dallas Rhinoplasty Conference began the day after we arrived in the United States. The conference began,plastic surgeons from all over the world gathered together and the atmosphere in the hall was filled with enthusiasm and quite impressive presentations were displayed in front of us. Our jetlag vanished as the enthusiasm seeped into us. Our Mediwell Doctors click a picture before the conference begins In fact, this conference was divid......

  • Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium 2018-Day 2

    Date:2018-05-28 12:39:59 Click:193

    The Dallas Rhinoplasty Series bis: Attending the Dallas Rhinoplasty Conference (II.) Professor Dr.rohrich, Group of Ming Medical Exchange and president of the Conference The second part is the General Assembly of Rhinoplasty, which is the most important of the conference. Many of the worlds leading rhinoplasty experts share advanced concepts and techniques in the field of nasal surgery. The General Assembly has set up many links. First introduced the nose of the aesthetic standards and measuremen......

  • Dr.Wang Ting about Dallas Rhinoplasty

    Date:2018-05-24 09:20:53 Click:152

    Advanced Rhinoplasty is also known as Dallas Rhinoplasty due to Dr.Jack P.Gunter. In the 1980s, Dr.Gunter realised that his passion was performing Rhinoplasty.This started his journey to become one of the Worlds Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons that ever lived. To promote Open Rhinoplasty,in 1984,Dr.Jack P.Gunter,who was a professor at Dallas Southwestern Medical Center at the University of Texas,founded the Dallas Rhinoplasty Forum which is held in March every year. Worlds leading Rhinoplasty Specialis......